How to become an Investor Owner:
Any California resident or organization can invest and co-own East Bay PREC!
     1. read and sign the Investor Owner Agreement,
     2. contribute your $1,000 investment (People who cannot make a one-time payment of $1,000 may set up regular payments)
      That's it!

Go to the
to join us Today!

Once you are a Investor Owner, you get to...
     1. vote on any items brought to East Bay PREC's membership at member meetings or otherwise,
     2. vote on two board members: the Governance director and the Finance director,
     3. receive an annual dividend of 1.5%, likely to be compounded an paid out every 5 years,

     4. if you decide to leave the co-op, you will get your investment back!

Do you have a property in mind? Please  Let Us Know!
More Information on Ownership Categories