How to Become a Community Owner

Anyone who is a part of the East Bay community can beome a Community Owner:

     1. read and sign the Community Owner Agreement  (click here for Desktop)
     2. contribute your member dues ($10)
     3. attend an East Bay PREC Orientation (in person or online, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday)
      That's it!

Sign the
Community Owner Agreement
to join us Today!

If you are not a part of the East Bay community (you don't live or work here, and wer enot displaced from here) you can still join as an Investor Owner or a Sustainer)

Once you are a Community Owner, you get to
     1. vote on any items brought to East Bay PREC's membership at member meetings or otherwise,
     2. vote on three board members: the Governance director, the Community director, and the Finance director,
     3. attend and join East Bay PREC's project circles, committies, councils, and guide the co-op to serve your community as you see best (attend at least two events per year to keep your membership active),
     4. receive discounts for select East Bay PREC events,
     5. be a co-owner of a revolutionary new model of cooperative real estate ownership, for the people, by the people.

Have a Property or Project in mind? Other thoughts? Please Let Us Know!
More Information on Ownership Categories