How to Become a Community Owner

NOTE: COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP WILL BE AVAILABLE IN JUST A FEW DAYS! Please fill out the PLEDGE FORM so that we can contact you as soon as we're ready!

There are 4 requirements for active membership in the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative as a Community Owner

     1. read and sign the agreement (coming any day now!)
     2. contribute your member fee (we'll send you an invoice)
     3. attend an East Bay PREC Orientation (in person or webinar)
     4. you must live in, be rooted in, or have been displaced from the East Bay (if not it's okay, you can still join as an Investor Owner, or a Sustainer)

Once you are a Community Owner, you get to
     1. vote on any items brought to East Bay PREC's membership at member meetings or otherwise,
     2. vote on three board members: the Governance director, the Community director, and the Finance director,
     3. attend and Join East Bay PREC's project circles, committies, councils, and guide the co-op to serve your community as you see best,
     4. receive discounts for select East Bay PREC events,
     5. be a co-owner of a revolutionary new model of cooperative real estate ownership, for the people, by the people.

Have a Property or Project in mind? Other thoughts? Please Let Us Know!