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 A Word On Governance
...the deplorable economic and social circumstances in our communities will change for the better only when Aboriginal communities can construct their own systems of governance and plan for their people’s long-term development.
-Peter Yu, 2002 Indigenous Governance Conference, Canberra
Governance is a critical component of any organization, but especially organizations that seek to challenge the status quo. In creating governance structures, we must lend a critical eye to “established” practices and make a conscientious effort to “indigenize” that knowledge (term borrowed from Ethan Baptiste of the Okanagan Nation) in order to ensure that they align with our cultures, socio-political interests, and economic needs. Our intention is to create a governance structure that allows each member, not only the means for having genuine decision-making power, but also the ability (the necessary resources and support) to practically exercise that power and take responsibility for that power (i.e. be held accountable).