Member/Owner Categories​​

East Bay PREC has a multi-tiered membership structure, designed to be 
accessible to all! You can belong to one or more membership category.
​("Members" and "Owners" are the same thing at the co-op)

Check out the chart below for the basics
We also made this quick video that explains it in a bit more detail.
Cick the chart to
 watch explanatory video! ->

​​ We are proud to be launching our membership after over two years of community meetings and building our infrastructure. Join us Today!

Sign up to be a Community Owner

Sign up to be an Investor Owner

Become a Sustaining Donor here

As a Founding Member you will have a unique opportunity to be at the ground level of shaping a new model that is going to change the face of real estate through community ownership.

​Thank you, and welcome to the team.

Thank you from the EB PREC Staff Collective to you, the newest future Member-Owner of the PREC!
-Noni, Greg, Marissa, Shira, & Ojan